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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Mount Comeback, But Fall in Game 1 Against the Ducks

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In which the Stars get the start time wrong and miss the first period, Anaheim nearly hilariously blows a 4 goal lead, and the Stars are in the playoffs!

Obscene Alex watches hockey in Technicolor
Obscene Alex watches hockey in Technicolor
Obscene Alex

Well. That could have gone better.

But it could have gone worse.

Being down 4 goals to none halfway through a playoff hockey game is often a cue for a team to start a few fights, make a statement, and start preparing for the next game. The Stars certainly made a statement, but it wasn't "Watch out for us next game." It was "Watch out for us right now."

The Stars were shaky in the first period. Not that I watched it, but that's what the scoreboard told me when I joined the broadcast. They were shaky to begin the second period, and I did watch that. But at some point during that period they found their legs and made things interesting.

Anyway, looking on the bright side, the Stars haven't lost home-ice advantage, as they never had that to begin with. Consider this one a warmup match. Easing into this novel concept of 'playoff hockey.' Friday's gonna be fun.

Oh, and on another note, how 'bout Frederik Andersen starting in goal for the Ducks? He didn't really look like a rookie out there. I mean, that move to knock the net off its moorings with less than a minute remaining, and while under some serious pressure from the Stars, without taking a delay-of-game penalty? That's some serious veteran savvy right there...

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