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NHL Playoffs: Round 1 Schedule Released, Dallas Stars Games Versus Anaheim Ducks Set

The Dallas Stars will start round one of the NHL playoffs on Wednesday, April 16th.

Patrick Smith

It's real now.

The Dallas Stars are off to the playoffs, after so many years of Stars fans rooting for a palatable team as a secondary option or not watching at all since the Stars weren't in the big dance. Luckily, we don't have to do that this season.

The Stars will start the first round on Wednesday, April 16th in Anaheim. The first home game in round one comes next Monday, April 21st. Here's the full schedule, including television information:

Date Time (CST) Location Television Network
Wednesday, April 16th 9:00 PM CST @ Anaheim NBCSN, TSN
Friday, April 18th 9:00 PM CST @ Anaheim NBCSN, TSN
Monday, April 21st 8:30 PM CST vs Anaheim NBCSN, TSN
Wednesday, April 23rd 7:00 PM CST vs Anaheim CNBC, TSN
Friday, April 25th* 9:30 PM CST @ Anaheim NBCSN, TSN
Sunday, April 27th* TBD vs Anaheim TSN
Tuesday, April 29th* TBD @ Anaheim TSB

*If necessary.

Here is the full schedule of the playoffs for each match-up in the first round.

Take note of the later than normal start time for the first home game of round 1 -- 8:30 PM CST. It is due to the television schedule. I expect the standard "late-arriving" crowd in Dallas to be very much on time for game one. Make it happen, Stars fans!