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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Will Take on Anaheim Ducks in First Round

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In which the Phoenix Coyotes play for pride, the Dallas Stars play because the game is on the schedule, while destiny, and a meeting with the Anaheim Ducks awaits...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

You know what's great? I didn't watch the Phoenix Coyotes game last night. You know why that's great? Because I didn't care about the Phoenix Coyotes game tonight. Yes, for the first time in nearly six months, I wasn't worried about what else was happening around the NHL, or how it would affect the Stars' playoff chances.

I feel so relaxed right now.

Of course, there were still things happening around the NHL last night that affect the Stars. Namely, the Anaheim game in LA. Ladies and Gentlemen... your Dallas Stars' first round opponent! The Anaheim Ducks!

Yep. Anaheim beat LA in a shootout, meaning they've locked up the top seed in the West. The Stars are officially on the path to being crowned the 2013-2014 Pacific Division Champions.

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And lastly, Down Goes Brown's Grab Bag. Worth it just for this image: