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Video: NBC Sports Talks Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn as Stars Clinch Playoff Spot

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These guys are pretty good. NBC Sports think so, too.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins wrapped up the President's Trophy today with the league's top point total. The Dallas Stars qualified for the playoffs for the first time in six years.

So that seems to be working out just fine for everyone, though only one season in is still premature to grade such things.

NBC Sports has been forced to take notice of the Dallas Stars and when looking at their roster for something to talk about, naturally, arrived at the young super-star in question and his captain "besty" Jamie Benn.

Thanks to JeffK for taking the video and uploading for the pleasure of Stars fans...

Seguin sits 3rd in points and Benn is 8th. That could change over the weekend as the two have little to accomplish in Phoenix on Sunday night and the Ducks still have a little work to do, meaning Corey Adolf Perry could push Seguin down to fourth.

Still a pretty good haul.

The question in the first round will reflect this analysis, of course. They are the focus of the media's attention as much as they will be the opposing coaches. Without home ice advantage, and with the opposing team focusing wholly on stopping Benn and Seguin, what can they do to continue to drag this team forward, and how much secondary scoring can the Stars get in the second season?