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Dallas Stars Clinch Second Wild-Card Berth with Win Over St. Louis Blues

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They're going to the dance. They ended it on their terms with mastery of the wounded St. Louis Blues.

Ronald Martinez

For the first time since 2008-2008, your Dallas Stars ARE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP PLAYOFFS.

You may now party your rear-end off.

Trevor Daley delivered on a breakaway in the second period, the power play finally connected in a huge moment when Jamie Benn found Tyler Seguin in his usual spot low on the right circle, and a bomb from the point from Alex Goligoski found it's way past Ryan Miller thanks to a Ryan Garbutt tip in the third period to really ensure the outcome.

Fan appreciation night, indeed.

The Dallas Stars lost Brenden Dillon to a lower-body injury in the process, and that will be one of our first topics of conversation as we prepare for a likely meeting with the Anaheim Ducks in the days to come.

For tonight celebrate. Tom Gaglardi has come to Dallas. Jim Nill is here. Tyler Seguin and Jamie are here. Alex Goligoski and Trevor Daley have elevated their games. It came together just enough to end the drought.

They gain valuable experience now. The fanbase returns bit by little bit, or in big chunks this week, one hopes.

It's a good day. Defending Big D is finally going to the playoffs, guys!

I'm headed to the locker room. Party your arses off and I'll have more later. The analysis and previewing begins tomorrow.