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Scoreboard Watching: Nashville Predators Take On Phoenix Coyotes

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A few matchups that could impact the Dallas Stars are on tap for tonight.

Frederick Breedon

If you haven't run yourself ragged with a look at all of the potential playoff scenarios for the Dallas Stars and Phoenix Coyotes, I recommend you go give this a nice perusal.

On our way to "The Best Case Possible" scenario outlined, Dallas would need a loss by the Coyotes tonight to bring the magic number down to just two. That means that any combination of points earned by Dallas and any points lost by Phoenix that adds up to two would ensure Dallas gets in as the last wild card spot in the western conference.

Another matchup of note is the St Louis Blues versus Minnesota Wild. Firstly, if this game goes beyond regulation that would sure be nice for the Stars when they have to play them tomorrow. Want them nice and rested! Secondly, the points the Blues earn has a direct impact on the top seeding in the west (which impacts the Stars' potential first round opponent should they make it into the playoffs). The Ducks, Blues and Avalanche are all within striking distance of that top spot. The central could see their first round matchups shaken up with each team just two points apart.

If the playoffs started today....

Pacific Division:

1. Anaheim Ducks (112 points / 2 games remaining)
2. San Jose Sharks (107 points / 2 games remaining)
3. Los Angeles Kings (97 points / 2 games remaining)
4. Wild Card #2 - currently the Dallas Stars (89 points / 2 games remaining)

Central Division:

1. St Louis Blues (111 points / 3 games remaining)
2. Colorado Avalanche (109 points / 3 games remaining)
3. Chicago Blackhawks (107 points / 2 games remaining)
4. Wild Card #1 - Minnesota Wild (96 points / 2 games remaining)

Important games to watch:

Phoenix Coyotes at Nashville Predators - 7 PM CST FS-A/FS-TN
St Louis Blues at Minnesota Wild - 7 PM CST TSN2/NBCSN
Colorado Avalanche at Vancouver Canucks - 9 PM CST ALT/SNET-P

Grab a beverage and let's talk tonight's games together.