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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Blue Jackets Hold Early Lead, Clinch Playoff Berth

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In which Officer Bobrovsky is welcomed back to the force, the Nashville Predators become every Stars' fan's second team, and only 17 NHL teams still have something to play for...

Ronald Martinez

Well they kept me interested. At least there was that.

A third period deficit of 3 goals and the game was all but a foregone conclusion. Except the Stars finally woke up. Playing their fourth game in five nights, they somehow managed to find more energy for the third period than they had the rest of the game. I mean, an 18-2 shot advantage over the final 20? And yeah, I know, score effects, yada yada, but that kind of advantage is still testament to some sort of shift in the play.

Too bad it was too little, too late. But hey. It was the fourth game in five nights. Name me another team that's had to face that kind of scheduling (and no, Columbus haven't. Not yet. They will have in three days though). Plus the Stars began with a 1-0 deficit. I'm not gonn cry too much over it.

Bring on St. Louis.

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Vern Fiddler's shootout goal the other night inspired a little... alliteration? [III Communication]

Everybody, cheer for the Predators tonight. There's still a chance that Sunday's game won't be winner take all, and a Nashville win could go a long way towards making that scenario a reality! []

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Remember how exciting the Eastern Conference race for the wildcard looked last week? It's already over. Done. Finito. The Maple Leafs and Capitals capitulated, and the Blue Jackets clinched the final spot with their win over Dallas last night. Looks like Dallas and Phoenix are the only two question marks remaining for the Stanley Cup Playoffs. []

The Ducks clinched the number one seed in the Pacific Division. They also overtook the Blues for number one in the West. Here's hoping they can maintain that lead. Stars for Pacific Division Champions! []

23. The Red Wings playoff streak continues. [Puck Daddy]

And on the other end of the streak spectrum, the Blue Jackets make the playoffs for only the second time in franchise history. [Puck Daddy]

And lastly, the semifinals of the Frozen Four begin today. Hope you've got ESPN2! []