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After Dallas Stars Make-up Game Against Columbus Blue Jackets, Nearly $2,500 Pledged To AED Fundraiser

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With the game pledges added up, the DBD readers and friends of the blog have pledged enough to donate at least one AED to a place in the Metroplex.

Ronald Martinez

So the Dallas Stars game didn't quite go last night as most in the Defending Big D community were hoping, though despite that result they will control their own destiny in the playoff race until the clock runs out at the end of Sunday's game.

But I have a little bit of good, if not quite hockey-related news to come out of Wednesday night.

With the game pledges tallied and e-mails sent to participants, the DBD community and friends of the blog have combined to raised about $2,500 for Living for Zachary, funds that will be earmarked for the purchase of automatic external defibrillators to be donated to Dallas-area facilities that work with youth.

That breaks down to an astounding $2,125 already donated and another $375 or so in money that was committed based on the results and statistics in last night's game. While the 3-1 loss wasn't the result the Stars were looking for on the scoreboard, it was a good night in the bigger picture.

Considering an AED costs approximately $2,000 to donate, we have already covered our initial goal of being able to donate one and are well on the way to covering at least part of the cost of a second.

If you thought you made a game pledge but did not receive an e-mail from me last night, please comment or contact me on Twitter - as far as I know, all of the notices of donation amounts have been sent.

Also, if you somehow haven't heard about the fundraiser yet and are interested in either donating or just finding out what it's all about, we have a whole post for you here. Obviously the time has past to make a pledge based on the game, but the donations page will remain open until late on the evening of April 19th.

Thank you all so much again for making this fundraiser a success, and a special thanks to our friends from Stanley Cup of Chowder, The Cannon, PensBurgh, Arctic Ice Hockey and On the Forecheck for all jumping on board as well.