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Video: Re-Watch Mike Modano Jersey Retirement Ceremony in its Entirety

Congratulations to the organization are in order. It was incredible.

Brad Gardner

If you're still trying to evaluate just how great last night's Mike Modano jersey retirement ceremony was, you're not alone. The videos are available for review, and review them you should, especially if you were there, because I am already catching bits and pieces and facial expressions I missed at the AAC last night.

If you were there you know what it was like. The lights had been down a while. The music to set the mood for this historic, emotional occasion, was just right. We were primed to feel our feelings, to say the least, and then came this master stroke of genius to set a perfect tone.

Those among us on they younger side (or the older side, even) may not recall that Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" became synonymous with the Stanley Cup winning team in 1999, and that's what the piece of music is, brilliantly translated to string as it has been many times over the years...

That punched us right in the feels, as they say on the internet. And it just got better from there.

In the end it all came down to this:

There was a lot of dust in the air last night, you know? It was just... it was dusty or it was dry. I don't know.

All 62:55 of it is available for viewing, now and hopefully forever.