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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Dominate Vancouver Canucks

In which the Vancouver Canucks wish they were vacationing with Roberto Luongo in Florida, Tim Thomas debuts in a victory green jersey, and the Hockey Gods finally come in on the side of the Stars...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I'm enjoying watching the Stars. Every game since the break, even the two losses. I find myself leaping up off the couch and yelling at the television quite frequently, and while there's not a fancy stat for that, it does suggest that the Stars are playing good hockey. And fun hockey.

And boy was it fun last night. Especially watching the ever-developing chemistry of Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. Lindy Ruff talks about the play of that top line:

"Their puck movement was good. I thought (Peverley) made a great play with the stretch pass across the ice that led to the goal. But again, their puck movement and power play were good. The play (Whitney) made to (Goligoski) was a heck of a play. The top line may have been a little bit fortunate as the one (Seguin) ripped from the wall in the first period found a way to go in. It's never a bad play to get it on net. His late one, for the hat trick, you wonder how it went in and (Fiddler), on the bench, said "Those never go in for me!" Goal scorers find ways of putting them in the holes." [Sports Day DFW]

And on the flip side, John Tortorella talks about where it all went wrong. You know, I can't see or read a Tortorella interview anymore without thinking of the 'Don't Push Me' video. Seriously, try it. Sing this interview. It's great.

"We don't even give ourselves a chance. We pinched on the first goal. We don't get the puck, but it was the right play. We back it up and we get beat up the ice. It causes a two-on-one and they score. The second goal, we get a great scoring chance killing the penalty, but our defenseman gets stuck on the wall really for no reason. They score another goal. Another has seeing eyes, and we don't even get ourselves in the game and we're down 3-0, so there you go."

Same game, two very different perspectives. Right now I'm very glad to be looking at this season with the perspective of a Stars' fan, and not a Canucks'.

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So many good things to say about last night's game! [Sports Day DFW] [Stars Inside Edge] []

Look! Tim Thomas says exactly what he's expected to say about the trade from Florida. [Stars Inside Edge]

We all know another goaltender though who doesn't necessarily say what he's expected to. Or tweet rather. Roberto Luongo is gone from Vancouver, but not forgotten. And judging by last night, he's going to keep it that way. [The Province]

So apparently blowing out a team like the Canucks will earn you some media attention. Likewise, throwing a Stetson on to the ice after a hat trick will earn some media attention. Who knew? [Puck Daddy]

Valeri Nichushkin has had a pretty solid rookie season with the Stars (barring last night's game). Nathan MacKinnon for the Avalanche though? Jeez... []

Steven Stamkos was named the captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning. He returned from injury just in time! [CBC]

Trade Deadline has come and gone. So now Down Goes Brown can reveal to us some of what went on behind the scenes. [Grantland]

One last one on the trade deadline. Or rather, several last ones. Grades of every team's, or every GM's performance, taken from around the web. [Puck Daddy] [ESPN] [Sporting News]

And lastly, Tyler Seguin took home NHL First Star honors last night. Here's why: