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2014 NHL Draft: Where Do The Dallas Stars Stand Following The Trade Deadline?

So after the trade deadline has settled it is time to look at where the Dallas Stars stand when it comes to the upcoming draft.

Charles LeClaire-US PRESSWIRE

While this might not have been as an eventful trade deadline compared to last year the Stars did make some moves. The possible selling of pending unrestricted free agents never occurred. The Dallas Stars traded away a warrior in Robidas and the Stars saw a conditional fourth round pick return.

So what does that mean for the Stars when it comes to the 2014 NHL Draft? What picks do the Dallas Stars have and who do they belong to?

The Dallas Stars have nine draft picks heading down the home stretch of the regular season. This doesn't mean they can't make more trades following the conclusion of the NHL playoffs. For now here is how they stand:

Round Whose Pick Acquired How
1 Dallas Stars Owned Originally
2 Dallas Stars Owned Originally
3 Dallas Stars Owned Originally
4 Dallas Stars Owned Originally
4 Anaheim Ducks Trade which sent Stephane Robidas to the Anaheim Ducks. This pick becomes a third if the Ducks reach the Western Conference Finals AND Robidas plays in at least 50% of their playoff games
5 Dallas Stars Owned Originally
6 Calgary Flames Trade which sent Lane Macdermid to Calgary in return for this pick
6 Dallas Stars Owned Originally
7 Dallas Stars Owned Originally