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Zack Kassian Takes Run At Brenden Dillon (GIF)

Visual proof of Zack Kassian destroying Brenden Dillon

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Late in the first period of the Dallas Stars hosting the Vancouver Canucks forward Zack Kassian decided to run Brenden Dillon from behind. Good ol buddy Pat Iverson magic-gifed the hit, and you can see it below.


Kassian left his feet. He drilled Dillon in the numbers. The puck wasn't in Dillon's possession. What's the best part of the context behind the play, you ask? You can see Kassian staring at the number before he launches himself into Dillon.

My favorite part of the incident is what you can't see here. Kassian looked back as if he did nothing wrong then sheepishly took off his helmet as he skated off the ice. I mean, the play looks pretty innocent, right?

Fortunately, Dillon would return early in the second period. This play should earn Kassian a phone call from New York. How many games of punishment will the NHL Wheel of Justice dish out for this transgression?