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Florida Panthers Trade Tim Thomas to Dallas Stars

Luongo and Tim Thomas was a fun idea while it lasted.

Jared Wickerham

Were you rather un-amused at Dan Ellis' antics in the first period last night in Columbus? It seems Jim Nill was "feeling you, dog."

The Dallas Stars have acquired former Stanley Cup Chamipion goaltender Tim Thomas from the Florida Panthers in exchange for (?? If this were an East Coast team we'd know by now...) reportedly Dan Ellis. That is unconfirmed. Check back.

For comment, we go live to Roberto Luongo's Twitter account...

You can't make this stuff up.

Confirmation comes from Sportsnet's John Shannon...

The 39 year-old is on a one-way, $2,500,000 deal that will mean very little in pro-rated salary or cap hit that Dallas must absorb.

Jim Nill said repeatedly, loudly, that he was not interest in rental players, but here we are. They feel this is necessary. This will (sort of, kind of) "push" Kari Lehtonen and create a modicum of competition, small though it may be. There is no doubt about who the number-one is here.

The message it does send is that the front office believes that a single game (like last night's game) could be what keeps Dallas out of the post-season. They feel they are close. Very close. They cannot afford any more slip-ups. Three back-to-back sets remain, and a saturated schedule could necessitate the big Finn needing more rest down the stretch.

Craig Custance says the Stars showed some interest in Thomas this summer before pursuing Dan Ellis. TSN says Thomas is not happy about being moved. Common sense says he had to waive his no movement clause to get traded. So more on that later.

Thomas is a tremendous competitor. This gives Dallas a stronger goaltending duo than they had 30 minutes ago.

More to come.