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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Roberto Luongo Tops the Cast of Players Moved as the NHL Trade Deadline Approaches

In which the Vancouver Canucks goalie controversy comes to an abrupt end, the Stars broadcast a rerun of Saturday's game, and Stephane Robidas packs his bags for southern California...

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

I don't think it really counts as a blockbuster, since most people have only even heard of one of the four players involved in the deal, but yesterday's trade of Roberto Luongo might just be the biggest news of... Nooo!!! Stephane Robidas!!!... this year's trade deadline. Luongo and his enormous contract, and... Robi!!! Don't leave us!!!... some random other guy, will be heading to the Sunshine State, in exchange for another random other guy and a random other goalie. This presumably means that rookie netminder Eddie Lack will be fighting... All is forgiven Stephane!!! Stay in Dallas!!!... for the starting job with Swedish compatriot, Jacob Markstrom, the random other goalie received from Florida in the deal, who sports a sub .900 save percentage over parts of 4 seasons in the NHL.

This is what happens when you deal from a position of strength - Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider as your team's goaltenders - but forget to stop dealing - Eddie Lack and Jacob Markstrom as your team's goaltenders.

Of course, Luongo was only one of six goalies who have been moved since Friday, with possibly more on the way. It's all go as we approach the eleventh hour of this year's trade deadline!

Wanna keep up with all the action? The Puck Daddy Trade Chatterbox might just be your best bet. Or, if you don't want to hear all the rumors leading up to the trades, and only want the cold hard facts, then the NHL's Trade Tracker is for you.

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There actually are a few recaps of last night's game, although I feel I could post the recaps from Saturday's game and nobody would be able to tell the difference. [Stars Inside Edge] []

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Yes. It's true. Stephane Robidas is gone. *David brushes the tears from his eyes* Want some behind the scenes on the deal though? Jim Nill speaks. [Sports Day DFW] [Stars Inside Edge]

All of the Ducks' moves yesterday do make one wonder if greater things are afoot. Or maybe Anaheim just couldn't resist trading Dustin Penner on National Pancake Day.

This is the trouble with the trade deadline. Everything moves so fast! Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts article, from yesterday. But it's rapidly becoming useless. So quick, read it now before it's entirely wrong! [CBC]

And lastly, Down Goes Brown with a primer for NHL GM's. The Dos and Don'ts of the trade deadline. [Grantland]