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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Claim Important Two Points from Sabres

In which HMFIC Lindy Ruff gets his 600th NHL win, the Stars gain a little breathing room in the wildcard standings, and I hope Columbus is nice this time of year...

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I wasn't really worried last night. But I was worried, you know? The Stars needed that win, especially considering that of the remaining 21 games, only 4 are against teams that could be considered to be out of the playoff race. The rest? Well the rest are primarily against teams in the same boat as the Stars: fighting for their respective lives. As well as a good number against teams that are locks.

So a win against the lowly Buffalo Sabres becomes significant, not least because it gives Dallas a two-point cushion, with games in hand, in the wild card race. A race which has become a four horse race... for one spot. Minnesota and LA both won last night, meaning they're slowly moving out of sight of the bubble teams. And just barely behind the Stars? Vancouver, Phoenix, and... Winnipeg? Who the kerfaffle let that happen?

Ah well. We worry about what we can affect.

And as for that, as for last night's game I mean, I at first thought it was a bit of overkill all the praise for Alex Chiasson, after he scored a goal off his shin pads. I mean, he even got a Puck Daddy Third Star! But then I started thinking about it, and upon reflection he has been noticeably improved in these three games since the Olympic Break. And he had seven shots last night, six of which were actually off his stick, so I'm quite alright with praising him. Another five goals in the next six games wouldn't go amiss though Chaser. Just sayin'.

* * *

For those of you obsessed with looking back at the past. [Stars Inside Edge] [] [CBS Sports]

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If you didn't believe me when I said it last week, Obscene Alex is also calling the Stars as the 2013-2014 Pacific Division Champs. I personally can't think of any two people more qualified to make such bold predictions. And sorry Alex, that should probably be the [Redacted] Pacific Division Champs. [III Communication]

And speaking of III Communication, there's a bonus DemocraThree this week: the Trade Deadline Edition.

Everybody wants to speculate. But we're running out of time! One more day 'til the deadline! Anyway, these are Pierre LeBrun's thoughts, from yesterday. He focuses on the Stars, and ends up saying nothing about the Stars. Such is the nature of trade rumours. [ESPN]

Mike Heika also breaks down the trade deadline, and what it means for the Stars. [Sports Day DFW]

And one more, this time focusing on Jim Nill and his approach to trade deadlines past and future. [CBC]

This is bad. But it's good. But it's bad. Daniel Sedin could be out for three weeks. For Stars fans this is good. But it's bad. Or at least, I should feel bad, but I don't. [Pass it to Bulis]

Ben and Jen Scrivens' move to Edmonton would seem to have worked out well, as he just signed a two-year deal with the Oilers. [Copper & Blue]

Down Goes Brown talks the Sabres... and the Canucks. Ordinarily not thrilling, but it's Sean McIndoe, so you should read it, relevance to the Stars be damned. [Grantland]

A little infamy for our friends the Allen Americans. Getting Duck Dynasty's Mountain Man to give the 'Miracle' speech before a game? I'm not sure if that's better or worse than Ronald McDonald giving it last year... [Puck Daddy]

On the bright side, that last link led me down the rabbit hole to this one. Listen up Stars! It's your time!