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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Gain Ground in Playoff Hunt with Win Over Nashville

In which the Dallas Stars keep themselves in the conversation, the real NCAA tournament begins, and a team of superheroes unites to 'hopefully' lead the Stars to victory and save the world...

Ryan Ellis does his best Superman impression.
Ryan Ellis does his best Superman impression.
Ronald Martinez

It's so nice when a game in hand turns in to two points. After last night's win, the Stars now trail Phoenix by 3 points and Minnesota by 4. Meaning the Stars still control their own destiny. Granted, that does mean winning all 9 remaining games is the only way to ensure they're in. Or, perhaps more realistically, take another two points from the remaining game in hand, then match the Coyotes win for win until the final day of the regular season, and then beat them in Phoenix.

Simple really.

Whatever. The picture looks and feels much rosier after last night's 7-3 rout of the Predators. Any time you put up 7 goals on a typically stingy defense like Nashville it's a good thing. And considering they'd been playing rather well recently, beating the likes of Chicago and, well, some other teams, it's even better.

And on a related note, I hope you all noticed that Defending Big D recently wrote an article on how the depth scoring needs to step up, and lo and behold, the depth scoring steps up. So Taylor, if you've got any other suggestions for what the Stars need over the next couple weeks, feel free to write an article about it.

* * *

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