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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Rare Second Off-Day for the Dallas Stars

In which the Stars get some precious rest in this hectic schedule, Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are a couple teammates short of being the Fantastic Four, and Dallas Stars hockey can be very educational...

David Kerans

A second consecutive off-day for the Stars. They'll get one more of these two day breaks at the end of this week, the 30th and 31st, and after that they'll play eight games in the first thirteen days of April.

All told, ten games 'til the end of the season, four at home and six away. Two against the Predators, two against the Blues, five against the Eastern Conference, and then of course, the more-than-likely Battle Royale with Phoenix on the final day of the season.

That's the rough outline. I can highly recommend though that you view the more-detailed outline here.

One thing to note from that article, the mention of the Stars-Blue Jackets game starting scoreless is wrong. Unless somebody's heard about a change that I haven't...

* * *

Mike Heika talks Dallas Stars and Avengers, and how the Stars are a few superheroes short. [Sports Day DFW]

It was a good day of writing for Heika. Here he talks scratch-built bikes, cake-eaters, which is an insult I've only ever heard in 'Mighty Ducks,' and the jealousy we Stars fans feel when we see what's going on in Chicago. [Sports Day DFW]

Dan Rosen has a segment on Stephane Robidas in his weekly report. You'll have to scroll down a ways, but it's there. [Over the Boards]

An inspirational one here for ya, about the Dallas Stars inspiring kids to 'Stick with Reading.' Seriously though, how cool would it have been to have had Becky Barton as your fourth-grade teacher? [Crowley Star]

Fancy stats that will do a very good job of convincing you that fancy stats are convincing. [MC79 Hockey]

All the talk yesterday about refs getting it wrong, here's one confusing play from the other night where they got it right. Apparently. Columbus scored a goal against Detroit with the net off its moorings. Here's why it counted. [Kukla's Korner]

I feel it's really hit or miss, Ryan Lambert's writing. Usually miss. But this week's Puck Daddy Power Rankings has some good moments. [Puck Daddy]

And lastly, Razor brings you a host of Dallas Stars stats, some to make you feel better, some to make you feel worse, and some to just make you feel. There's one at least though that should give everybody hope:

The Dallas Stars are tied for the best win percentage in the history of the NHL in games in which they score more goals than their opponent.

Thank you Razor.