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Tyler Seguin Not Focused On Anything But NHL Playoffs For Dallas Stars

With over 30 goals and just six penalty minutes, Tyler Seguin is likely to be in consideration for one of the NHL's awards at the end of the season -- the Lady Byng.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

He may go to Miley Cyrus concerts on off days, but Tyler Seguin plays nothing like a wrecking ball.

The Dallas Stars forward is most likely going to end the season in consideration for the Lady Byng award. The award is given to the player deemed to have played the game with great sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct for the year.

"I would never put on my resume I'm a gentleman hockey player." Seguin said on his weekly radio show with Bob Sturm of BaDD radio. "I like to be an all around complete player and a disciplined player. I don't know what good I would do to my team in the box."

This season, Seguin has taken just three minors -- ironically, the same number of hat tricks he has this season. He's taken only one penalty that could be considered a "safety" call -- a hooking call against Andrej Meszaros in Dallas' 5-1 win over the Philadelphia Flyers. It took over 25 games for him to get that penalty. The other two of his minors have been delay of games (for flinging the puck over the glass.)

Staying out of the box sure does agree with Seguin. He's scored 32 goals so far and accumulated 75 total points. Seguin and usual linemate Jamie Benn account for 30% of the total offense for the Stars this season. That's not the offensive weapon you want sitting in the box and putting your team shorthanded, and Seguin hasn't put his team in such an untenable situation often.

He's not focused on a possible award trophy at the end of the season, though. "Right now in my head, it's about trying to find ways to win. I can't give you details on that other stuff."

Seems like the focus is in the right place -- the playoffs. He also knows that the Phoenix Coyotes aren't just going to hand it to the Stars as well.

"We've got to find ways to win. Like you said, it's probably going to come right now to the wire..."