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Dallas Stars Daily Links: We're Not Quite Dead

I think I'm getting better... I feel happy!

No need to re-emphasize the importance of the NHL schedule tonight, as both the Phoenix Coyotes and the Dallas Stars play.  The Stars could either be back in the 8th spot, or four points out with only 11 games to play.  I'd much prefer the former.

Either way, Stars fans do feel a bit better after Saturday's win, as fans were beginning to feel the frustration of the playoffs slipping away -- yet again.  There's still quite a few games left at this point, though the Stars can obviously no longer afford another 4-game skid like they had last week.

Now if they can just avenge that embarrassing loss in Winnipeg last week with a great win tonight.  if you don't have tickets yet for tonight, make sure you get some -- it should be a good one.

A bit of an abbreviated links for you this morning, as it took me two full hours to get to work thanks to DFW traffic, and I still don't have internet at home:

  • Did anyone order some game day previews? [Stars Inside Edge] [Dallas News]
  • Here's a nifty Stargazing stat chart to give you the quick details. [Dallas Stars]
  • As of yesterday, Erik Cole was still day to day.  We will see what the morning skate brings for us today though. [Dallas News]
  • In the "why didn't they trade everyone they could for picks and give up now" category, Fiddler and Whitney are happy to still be around, and looking forward to the playoff push. [Dallas News]
  • My favorite weekend piece, the NHL Grab Bag.  And a great debate on the potential new Draft Lottery method. [Grantland]
  • Don't Dead Open Inside: The NHL Playoff Deathwatch.  It's like my magic numbers, except more depressing! [Puck Daddy]
  • The three stars from all the NHL games last night. [Puck Daddy]
  • Seth Jones is reportedly out with "concussion-like syndrome," according to his dad. [Puck Daddy]