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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Top Senators to Get Back in the Win Column

In which the Stars win the fancy stats battle, and the actual battle, all at the same time!

It was the right result. And it's about time too. The Stars outshot Ottawa 44-27, out-Corsi'd them, out-Fenwicked them... and also beat them.

Seriously, no mean feat, considering the Stars put more than 40 shots on net, a stat that up 'til now has nearly guaranteed defeat.

And even yesterday, as the Stars shot total began to outstrip that of the Senators, it felt a bit as though we were in for more of that frustration. Nearly double the first period shots on goal, and Dallas took a 1-0 deficit into the first intermission. Granted, that doubled shot total in the first didn't necessarily mean the Stars looked twice as good. Just that they could have been rewarded for some of their good work. But no. Instead we had to wait 'til late in the 2nd for Dallas to finally find the scoreboard. And Cody Eakin no less, who has seemed snakebit for the past ten games.

Well no more. And the defense got in on the scoring act as well, with Trevor Daley notching his sixth of the season, and Jordie Benn contributing two assists.

I love the Jamie Benn-Tyler Seguin show, but it sure is nice when the supporting cast chips in as well.

And also, though I hate to say it, thank you Boston. Thank you Boston for coming from behind to beat the Coyotes in regulation. On the road. And for doing it in demoralizing fashion, scoring the game winning goal with 3 minutes remaining. If there's any justice in this world, Phoenix will go into a tailspin and be unable to ever recover from the pain of this defeat.

Stars two points down in the standings. Game on.

* * *

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