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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Wrap Up Road Trip Against the Flyers

In which the Blues fail miserably in looking like the 'top team in the NHL,' the Stars spend some time in Philly, and Sam Tageson has my vote for rookie of the year...

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Remember the two games the Stars lost in the week following the Olympic Break? Dallas outplayed Tampa Bay and Columbus for large stretches of the game, but due to poor starts founds themselves in 3-0 holes both times and unable to complete the comeback. In the most recent three losses though, Dallas have at least been able to get on the scoresheet early and have held leads or been tied in all of those games. And before you say "Of course they were tied," well yeah. Fine. The Stars have been tied in every game this season, for the first 11 seconds at least. But what I meant is the Stars were tied at some point, with the total number of goals scored being greater than zero.

In short, there was a phase where Dallas struggled with starts. This week though, Dallas have struggled with everything but starts.

Three periods. Won't it be fun when they play well in all of them?

* * *

Previews, as this three-game roadtrip wraps up in Philly. [Stars Inside Edge] [] [CBS Sports]

It's been a bad week for the Stars. Can't be helped. Can be changed though... [On the Radar]

Razor talks about the BennGuin bromance. [On the Radar]

Jim Nill talks of Jamie Benn's captaincy thus far this season. [Sports Day DFW]

The Stars have been streaky this season. Fair enough. It's a bad streak at the moment, but let's talk about it. [Hockey Buzz]

The makeup game between the Stars and Blue Jackets will be 60 minutes, but start with a 1-0 Columbus lead. There's no magical explanation for that though. Mike Heika's answer is rather mundane. That and other questions from his weekly chat. [Sports Day DFW]

Seattle and Las Vegas as the front runners? It's still rumour-mill, so don't get all excited, but it amuses me to think about. [Globe and Mail]

The Blues went to Chicago last night, and got shutout by the Blackhawks, to the tune of 4-0. So much for a marquee matchup of two of the West's top teams. []

And lastly, this is beyond beautiful. The San Jose Sharks on Tuesday signed Sam Tageson to a one-day contract. Haven't heard of Sam Tageson? Take a minute out of your day to watch this: