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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Finish Season Series with the Penguins in Pittsburgh

In which all the teams of secondary concern to the Stars in the playoff race lose, while the team of primary concern to the Stars in the playoff race wins...

Bruce Bennett

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, and the most appropriately uniformed team was not in action. I hope everyone wore their Stars' jerseys anyway.

Despite not playing though, for three quarters of the night, the Luck o' the Irish was with the Stars, as first Winnipeg, then Vancouver, and finally Minnesota all fell in regulation. And indeed, even two thirds of the way through the final match of the night, which would make it eleven twelfths of the way through the entire night if my math holds up, luck was still with the Stars, as the Los Angeles Kings had come roaring back from two goals down to take a 3-2 lead over the Coyotes. And then the unthinkable happened. The Kings collapsed and lost 4-3 to Phoenix in regulation.

I say unthinkable, when really I meant inevitable. There's obviously a Pacific Division conspiracy to eliminate the Stars from playoff contention, since everyone knows the Stars are going to win the Pacific. That or it's just the Kings continuing to be the anti-Maple Leafs, finding a way to lose, despite dominating in possession stats. Sound familiar Stars fans? The Kings only had 39 shots though, so it doesn't count.

* * *

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