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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Lose First Back-to-Back Since January

In which the Stars close out the Canadian portion of their road schedule in forgettable January-like fashion.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I hate to bring it up because I know you hate hearing about it.

But in the last four periods of hockey, the Stars have surrendered 9 goals, so we really don't have a choice. The Stars play over that brutal 80 minute stretch has fans harkening back to end of January when the Stars closed out a terrible month of hockey with back-to-back losses.

Speaking of January, last night marked the first time since January the Stars gave up a touchdown to the opposing team. And on the heals of my Links post Saturday, it's also the first time the Stars failed to rebound from a game in which they blew a third-period lead.

And oh BTW, last night's loss also represented the last time the Stars dropped any points in a head-to-head contest with another conference foe they were fighting with for a wild card spot guessed it...January.

Dallas dropped an OT contest to Minnesota thanks to a Nate Prosser goal, then fell apart in another game at Nashville before reeling off three straight wins over teams in playoff contention in the West, in case you were wondering.

I suppose the good news is that since that horrible month of hockey to begin the new year, the Stars had not lost back-to-back games. And generally speaking, they didn't fall into the kind of bad habits they've fallen into these last two games.

Namely, play terrible defensive hockey.

But I digress.

Onto the links, where we look at last night's game from a Winnipeg perspective, a look at the Stars from a national perspective, and an in-depth look at Rich Peverley's heart condition.


From the Jets perspective, a loss last night would've dropped them either 7 or 8 points behind the Stars and effectively ended any hope that Winnipeg would've had of making the playoffs. Instead, they busted out of a six game losing streak with a 7-2 win [Winnipeg Free Press]

And along those same lines, T. Rinn reported that the Stars held a closed door meeting. And yes, that news had to be reported by a member of the Winnipeg beat staff because the DMN was too cheap to fly Mike Heika up there for a pivotal game late in the season. [YawAxis - Arctic Ice Hockey]

And I know you're all in no mood to hear this. But no matter what happens down the stretch, Harrison Mooney thinks the Stars are "already an amazing success story." And that Jim Nill deserves consideration for the general manager of the year. [Puck Daddy]

This link was tweeted out by our official Twitter feed. But ICYMI, Eric Morris at Undisclosed Injury describes in detail the difference between a heart in a normal rhythm, and one that is in atrial fibrillation. [Undisclosed Injury]

And in today's play you might've missed but you didn't because you watched the game, Tyler Seguin scored another goal against the Jets in Winnipeg, giving him roughly 237 points during the Stars three visits to Manitoba this year.

Just kidding, it was only 9 points (5 goals, 4 assists).