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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Look for Sweep of Calgary Flames in Season Series

In which Rich Peverley drops by practice to say hello, Alex Chiasson becomes even more lovable, and the Calgary Flames haven't packed it in just yet...

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

So Rich Peverley dropped by Stars practice yesterday. A great moment for all the players, but perhaps especially for Alex Chiasson, who gave this touching interview later:

Chiasson will be back in the lineup today, having not played since the events of Monday night. Hopefully we'll see the Chaser that came roaring out of the gates following the Olympic Break. Lindy Ruff summed it up yesterday, "I think you saw the other night with the way he handled an emotional event, that's his personality - he's a kid who has a lot of passion.'' Rich Peverley's recovery (insomuch as was possible) should help Chaser refocus that passion tonight.

So the Calgary Flames are in town for the final matchup this season, fresh off a demolition of the formerly-mighty Ducks of Anaheim. It'd be kind of nice if they'd roll over and start coasting towards the end of the season already... Although not when they play Phoenix on Saturday, naturally.

On a side note, it's too bad the Stars didn't have a home game against Chicago this week, as the red and green that fills the AAC during Hawks games would have made the whole place seem decked out in support of Tim Thomas...

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After a two day hiatus, game previews are back! [Stars Inside Edge] []

Fantasy hockey anyone? Turns out Tyler Seguin is a stud, as if you didn't know that already, and Colton Sceviour gets a nod as 'one to watch.' [Puck Daddy]

I hate saying it, but thank you Bruins! Not only for Seguin, but also for beating the Coyotes last night. []

Woohoo! Power Rankings! I had almost forgotten about them, but then I saw JR Lind's weekly Conference III Power Rankings, which has the best number one of all of them. Anyway, I then went on to look at some other rankings from around the NHL media. ESPN has the Stars at 13, as does CBS, who frame their Power Rankings brilliantly as open letters from each team: From Calgary- "Dear rebuild enthusiasts: We know we've been tough on you but the wins should dry up this week with a tough four games. We should move up that draft board. Signed, the Flames."

So the USA sled hockey team beat Canada in the semifinals yesterday, and thus will have a chance to avenge themselves on the Russians in the gold-medal game to be played on Saturday. Televised on NBC no less, at 1pm ET. []

I had thought Roberto Luongo was at the root of all goalie controversy everywhere. But no, it appears that would be Cory Schneider. [Puck Daddy]

And lastly, Down Goes Brown discusses the Playoff Bubble. And more specifically, the teams on it. [Grantland]