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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Take Down the League-Leading Blues

In which Tim Thomas previews a new Stars' uniform color scheme, the Oilers of all teams come back from three goals down against the Wild, and the Blues still haven't lost to a Central Division team in regulation this season...

Dilip Vishwanat

That one was pretty special.

Not only did the Stars hold their own through two periods of road hockey in St Louis, thus ensuring a full complement of 'moral victory' points, they then managed to take the lead in the third period, lose it, but go on to win the game in overtime. Against a team that was 18-0-1 against the Central Division, yes, 18, oh, and one. Plus they had a silly good record at home. While the Stars were on the second night of a back-to-back, on the road, and missing two of their top forwards, as well as their starting goaltender.

There are so many things wrong with that picture, that it just becomes so right.

Of course it wasn't all rosy. There was a long stretch in the second period where the Blues were outshooting Dallas by a lot to a little, but you know what? Who gives a left-handed pogo stick if they were outplayed for half a period? They started the game well, they ended the game well, and they held their composure - most notably Antoine Roussel as he was being pursued around the ice by Ryan Reaves - in the most adverse of circumstances.

How nice it is when a moral victory corresponds to an actual victory...

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The collapse of Rich Peverley during Monday night's game was certainly traumatic for the Dallas Stars players on the ice. But it was also a pretty difficult moment for the other team. Some thoughts from the Blue Jackets yesterday, as they prepared for their game against Detroit last night. A game which they won, incidentally. []

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Obviously we were all a little distracted yesterday. So there are gonna be a few links today that seem a little late. So it goes. Remember when that [unpleasant fellow] Erik Haula ran down our starting goaltender in the game against Minnesota? Well there was no supplementary discipline from the league, but the play did spawn plenty of discussion. [The Score]

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And also, here are a couple more articles on Mike Modano and the jersey retirement. No one's going to begrudge me that though are they? Why Dallas Loves Mike Modano, and then this one that shows the response of NHLers around the league to the retirement of Modano's number over the weekend. Gotta love social media.

So not everyone loves Harrison Mooney, but surely we can agree that when he's writing about how terrible the Canucks are it's brilliant, right? But the Canucks are taking drastic steps to steady the ship, and heads are rolling. Namely the thousand people who work concessions at Vancouver home games. Problem solved! [Pass it to Bulis]

And lastly, remember when Eddie Lack surrendered five goals to the Stars and Dallas trounced the Canucks? Well Lack surrendered six goals Monday night. In the third period. Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider must be stoked to have escaped just in time. [Pass it to Bulis]