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Video: Doctors, Jim Lites, Lindy Ruff Update Media on Rich Peverley's Condition

The latest from the professionals at UT Southwestern on Stars forward Rich Peverley

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars game versus the Columbus Blue Jackets was suspended in the early stages of the first period Monday night when Rich Peverley experienced a cardiac event on the bench upon completion of a shift.

To make sure everyone who wants to be is as up-to-date as possible we're embedding the following video, though doubtless most of you have already seen or heard the updates from it.

As a community we're banding together to pray for Rich and his family in this difficult time as all other hockey matters are put aside while the well being of the Dallas Stars family is addressed.

Video of Ralph and Razor as they were forced to deal with the event on-air is available on YouTube.

Again, all the good vibes and thoughts and prayers in the world for the Dallas Stars family right now during the difficult time.