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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Martin St. Louis Gets the Olympic Nod, Second Time Around

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In which the Olympics start before they start, Max Pacioretty scores a hat trick despite missing two penalty shots, and Russia makes some unlikely Olympic selections...

Scott Iskowitz

So the biggest snub of the Canadian Olympic team is a snub no longer. Martin St. Louis will be taking the place vacated by Steven Stamkos, following the revelation that Stamkos is not in fact Superman. It's a deserved nod too, as, unlike Bobby Ryan who celebrated his exclusion from the national team by tanking, St. Louis has continued the strong performance that didn't lead to his selection the first time round. Wait...

Of course, the inclusion of St. Louis now means we can talk of the other snubs. Oh the snubs! Taylor of course discussed Tyler Seguin yesterday, but Claude Giroux was also a big name on the shortlist. Regardless of what you think about it, you won't say it as eloquently as the Flyers' owner, who manages to be upset about the Olympic snub to Giroux whilst at the same time cursing the existence of the Olympics at all. Plus we all like to hear owners talking about their bottom line.

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It's not wildly exciting Stars news, but it is Stars news. Dallas have assigned Dustin Jeffrey to the Texas Stars. [Stars Inside Edge]

Razor takes the cynical view towards the NHL's participation in the Olympics. [Razor with an Edge]

The Stars played a supporting role in the movie 'Tin Cup.' Who knew? At least I think that's what Mike Heika is trying to say... [Sports Day DFW]

The Stars are breaking records for numbers of penalty shots awarded, and scored on, this season. But they have yet to be awarded two penalty shots within two minutes, like Max Pacioretty was last night. [Puck Daddy]

In other NHL action, the Canucks, Jets, and Predators were all kind enough to lose. Although the Preds had to go to overtime to do it, and in so losing, it meant the Wild won. Colorado lost too, not that that one really matters anymore, but LA won. Overall a pretty decent night for the Stars. And no, I don't have a link for any of that. Just trust me.

The NHL's Super 16 is up, and the Stars are in it, clocking in at number 13. Moving up in the world. []

Sean McIndoe begins this article by stating "Women's hockey is not men's hockey." After that blindingly obvious statement though he goes on to write a really good article, of course he does, he always does, on women's Olympic hockey and the near-inevitable gold medal match between Canada and the USA. [Grantland]

So tonight is the Sochi Olympics opening ceremony! Well, actually, it's probably going on right now, depending when you're reading this. But NBC has decided that for America, the opening ceremony will be in primetime. Of course it will be. This is America. We're not gonna waste advertising dollars on live television. [Fourth-Place Medal]

And lastly, in honor of the Winter Olympics being held in Sochi, video of some highlights of Russian hockey: