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Dallas Stars NCAA Update: Alex Guptill Makes an Impact.

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While Devin Shore wasn't in action last week, Alex Guptill had a pretty good showing.

Devin Shore wasn't in action last week for the Maine Black Bears so here's a short update on Alex Guptill's play.

In the first game of a back to back set against Wisconsin, Guptill scored Michigan's second goal of the game to put Michigan up 2-0 against the Badgers. His goal stood as the game winner. He had a dominant game all around, putting eight shots on net and finishing at a plus-1. This is a good sign for Guptill, who has been struggling to score as of late. Hopefully this big impact goal can give him some confidence to keep going to the net and he'll start putting up some good point totals in the final stretch of the season.

The next night, during another Michigan win, Guptill was a bit quieter. He still made a very positive impact with four shots on net and a plus-2 rating so, even though he didn't register any points, he kept his head in the game and was an important player for Michigan, who really needed both of these wins to get back into the thick of things.

Hopefully we'll see more games like these last two from him as Michigan looks for a strong playoff push and a berth in the national championship.

if you'd like a closer look at Guptill's play against Wisconsin, Michigan posted this set of video highlights. Guptill is number 27.