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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Beat Coyotes, Take on Sharks in Back-to-Back

In which the Stars prove that shots CAN translate to goals, the Pacific Division decides suddenly to become the Metropolitan, and Olympic hockey teams go to summer camp...

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Bruce Bennett

40 shots last night! And a win! It can be done!

Nice for the Stars, on their 8th try, to finally convert 40 shots on goal into a win. You wouldn't have thought that would be so difficult, but there you have it. Who can fathom the mind of a hockey god?

It leaves the Stars poised nicely though, and a definite part of that Western Conference Wild Card conversation. Furthermore, it means that the Dallas Stars are now 12-2-2 against the Pacific Division. Exclude the first couple weeks of the season, when the Stars stumbled with Lehtonen injured and dropped back to back games in LA and Anaheim, and Dallas is 11-0-2! Which is [David redacts himself because the only suitable adjective in this situation would be censored by DBD] incredible.

Now of course, any naysayer could raise the point that the Pacific Division is in a bit of a swoon right now.

Only two of seven teams with a .500 points percentage over the last 22 games? Not exactly the dominant division we were expecting early in the season.

I'll give you one guess which division the dominant one is these days.

One other thing of note, gleaned from somewhere on the line, the Stars have allowed only 9 goals in their past 7 games. And they've got a 5-1-1 record to go along with that defensive stinginess. Defensive stinginess! Howzat?! Bet you never thought you'd hear those words used to describe the Stars this season!

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More useless fodder for the rumor mill, but Ray Whitney to the Coyotes? The only real reason I'm posting this one is because of the amusing claim that Whitney should be traded from the Stars, as non-contenders, and to the Coyotes. Because what? Their one extra point in the standings has them poised for a Cup run? [AZ Central]

NHL Three Stars of last night. I counted, and Antoine Roussel is ninth. But wait, three stars you say. Just trust me on this. [Puck Daddy]

Wait. There was a potential trade of Tyler Seguin to the Sabres last summer? Why had I never heard of this story? *David pulls his head out of the sand* Obviously it's that time of year when Buffalo fans start playing 'what might have been...' [Buffalo News]

I keep waiting for the Avalanche to crash and burn. Or at least slow down a bit. Same with Nathan MacKinnon. Hasn't happened yet for either. Where's Dustin Brown when you need him to boost Nichushkin's Calder hopes again? []

Stadium Series. Yay or nay? [The Hockey Writers]

And lastly, how far away are the Olympics? A quick internet search tells me not very many days. With the rapidly approaching deadline, some facilities are, well, not quite up to standard. While others were completed via the clever strategy of building dollhouses rather than real ones.