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Daryl 'Razor' Reaugh With Call Of The Year Candidate On Jamie Benn's Shorthanded Goal

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Caution: gross mental image can be a result of this play call.

Ronald Martinez

"Like poop through a diarrhea-infected goose, Benn goes through everyone"

People often refer to "[insert thing here] heard 'round the world" to classify something that reaches far and wide. With social media, it's kind of even more fitting of a phrase to use for Razor's call of Jamie Benn's goal last night. It led to quite a reaction around the Internet, leading to Awful Announcing terming it your "hockey phrase of the day."

I'm not overreacting when I say this. That may be the single greatest sentence ever uttered on a sports telecast. Razor Reaugh is my hero.

Even some NHL players got in on the call last night. The Colorado Avalanche seem to have quite the appreciation for both Jamie Benn and Razor's stylings it seems. I guess now that the two teams have finished their season series, they're allowed to remark on Benn's goal -- and spared the nightmares of facing that again in the regular season this year.

Dallas Stars fans are used to the Razor man's stylistic goal calling. (Who can forget Six Shades of Sexy?) He's got plenty of calls in the "hall of fame" but this one....this might just take the cake in the "creative linguistics" and "things you'll probably never hear at a sporting event ever again in life" categories.