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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Season Resumes With Home Game Against Carolina Hurricanes

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In which the mid-season offseason ends for the Stars, we watch paint dry in Boston, and the Canucks finally win a game, which is really, really annoying...

Bruce Bennett

Woohoo! First Stars game in nearly three weeks! And while I most definitely enjoyed the Olympics, primarily because skeleton and curling deserve their time to shine but also because of Olympic hockey, this is what it's all about. 24 games to see whether the Stars can once again grace the playoffs.

And the first of those 24 is tonight. Against the Carolina Hurricanes. Now, while tonight marks the return to NHL play for the Dallas Stars, that's not the case for Carolina. The Hurricanes cleverly arranged a scrimmage for Tuesday night in order to get a little game action under their belts before getting back to real NHL... wait. That counted? Oh, Carolina no. Losing to Buffalo? What were you thinking? Perhaps nobody told them a game against AHL-level competition would cost them in the standings. Or perhaps, after Buffalo beat Boston in overtime last night, the Sabres are about to embark on one of the most glorious stretch runs in NHL history, perhaps even clawing their way up to 29th place in the league.

Dallas and Carolina haven't played since forever ago, so nobody really has a clue what to expect tonight. That's what makes it fun. Oh, and by the way, the Canucks ended their month-long losing streak with a win over the Blues last night. Stars are once more on the outside looking in. But we have games in hand!

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Cyclists are laughing at the Nick Backstrom 'doping' scandal. "You call that doping? I'll show you doping!" [Pete Rides Bikes]

If you're a fancy statistician, this article is going to get you worked up. But then you can go and read the article that inspired it and just laugh and laugh and wonder what on earth David Staples thinks he's trying to prove. [Hockey-Graphs]

I should have had this in yesterday's Links post, along with all the other lists of what to watch for as we approach the end of the season. But I didn't have it in yesterday's Links post, because it didn't exist yesterday. Harrison Mooney only published it today. Yeah, that Harrison Mooney. [Puck Daddy]

And of course, in a spirit of appeasement of Mooney haters, I was going to include a link from Battle of California, but there was nothing particularly good or relevant. And Obscene Alex has already been linked this week. Thus I'm reduced to the third of the options. Yotaman, this is for you: