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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Looking at the Post-Olympic Western Conference Picture

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In which Jamie Benn and Kari Lehtonen rest on their laurels, the blogosphere goes crazy for lists, and we find out what happens when hockey and football collide...

Ronald Martinez

The news out of Stars practice yesterday, if news it can be called, was that Jamie Benn and Kari Lehtonen did not participate in practice, although they were both at the facility and Lehtonen worked out afterwards. Not to worry though! They are both expected to be in practice today, and I'm blaming yesterday's absence simply on jetlag, that insidious beast. Valeri Nichushkin however participated fully in practice, having flown back from Sochi a week ago.

LOL Russia.

Anyway, since there's only so much we can talk about Lindy Ruff's excitement in practice, let's take a step back. Zoom out a little and take a look at the division the Stars call home. Indeed, at the conference the Stars call home. Puck Daddy has their Post-Olympic Break Primers out now, giving a multi-blogger view of where every team is headed during the final push to the playoffs. You should read them.

Read the Pacific Division Primer, if for no other reason than that the answer to 'Which Western Conference team do the Ducks NOT want to face in the playoffs?' is the Dallas Stars. Too bad Ducks. The Stars are totally going to win the Pacific Division this year. You heard it here first.

Read the Central Division Primer, if for no other reason than that some unknown blogger was plucked from obscurity and tasked with writing about the Dallas Stars, and he did an admirable job. Avengers unite!

Read the Atlantic Division Primer, if for no other reason than... ahahaha! You didn't actually click on the link did you? Who on earth gives a toss for the Flortheast? Or the Metropolitan. Puck Daddy haven't even gotten around to writing one for the Metros. Oh Eastern Conference... ahahaha... *David wipes a tear from his eye*

Links anyone?

* * *

Alex Chiasson had a gluttonous Christmas. Check out this quote: "Alex Chiasson weighed 187 pounds on Christmas. He weighs 202 pounds today." Easy on the pie next time Chaser. Certain sources however claim that this is a positive. [Sports Day DFW]

Is Razor teasing Ovechkin? [Razor with an Edge]

For those of you in to lists, here's a 'Five Keys' one for ya. What the Stars need to make the playoffs, according to some writer somewhere. [Hockey Writers]

And another list! This time though it's Down Goes Brown, writing about the top 10 storylines to watch for as the season kicks off its race to the finish. [Grantland]

Wait... another one? Tis the season for list making one supposes... Katie Strang, talking about trade targets and that sort of thing. [ESPN]

Marc-Andre Fleury has a Steelers-inspired mask for the upcoming Stadium Series game. Maybe Kari should design a mask in navy and silver, perhaps with a star on... ha! Can't say it with a straight face. [Puck Daddy]

And lastly, I'm not sure I've done this before and it's kind of weirding me out, but I actually have a link, for ice hockey, from CNN. "Can hockey capitalize on the Winter Olympics?" they ask. [CNN]