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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Is It Thursday Yet?

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Still three more days until the next Stars game. How are we going to pass the time? I could tell a joke...Have you heard the one about the green ping pong ball?

Bruce Bennett

The Olympics are finally over, and once again we can focus on what truly matters...

Like the fact that I got exactly what I wanted with Jamie Benn winning the gold medal, and Dustin Brown finishing in 4th.

Oh, yeah, and Stars hockey is back too.

As the medal round players return from Sochi, the rest of the team has already been on the ice and practicing.  Luckily, they have until Thursday before the team needs to be game ready.  That should give them just enough time to adjust back to the right time zone, and remember that they will be playing in a smaller rink.

But what's lucky for them is bad for the fans, because it means having to wait yet another three days until there is any Stars hockey.  Good thing there are plenty of links to keep us busy in the meantime, right?

  • Mike Heika agrees that the Olympics were pretty great if you are a Stars fan, as all the players had valuable learning experiences, and a couple walked away with medals. [Dallas News]
  • Since there were no Stars games to observe, Heika has his thoughts on both of the semi-final games from this weekend.  Featuring Jamie Benn [Dallas News], and Kari Lehtonen [Dallas News]
  • Meanwhile, back in Texas, Stephane Robidas is practicing without a red no-contact jersey. What took him so long? [Stars Inside Edge]
  • And the joys of Jamie Benn and Lindy Ruff winning gold. [Stars Inside Edge]
  • The last NHL Grab Bag - Olympic Style we will get to see for four more years. I may tear up more than the Sochi bear. [Grantland]
  • An interesting conspiracy theory about Nicklas Backstrom being suspended for the gold medal game, after failing a drug test. I feel like the answer is obvious here. The Olympics are a bit too extreme with their drug tests and should allow people to take cold medicine if approved, while the athletes who have known about this rule for years and years should not break it and risk missing out on a medal. [Puck Daddy]
  • Teemu Selanne, for just one day, is not a Stars-killer. He's a Dustin-Brown's-medal-aspirations-killer. And thus he earns MVP honors. [Puck Daddy]
  • How much blame does Dan Bylsma deserve for team USA dropping their final two games? If you said "a whole heck of a lot," then this article is for you. [Puck Daddy]
  • And finally, apparently Justin Beiber didn't appreciate the "Loser keeps Beiber" wager from the semifinal hockey game. Oh. Darn. [Fourth Place Medal]