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2014 Winter Olympics Watching Thread: Semifinals

Sweden takes on Finland in a European rivalry matchup and USA will beat down Canada in a North American matchup.

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

"When you're playing for your country, there's always been a rivalry between the United States and Canada," he said. "You don't look at the names on the back of the uniform.

"You only look at the logo on the front." -- Paul Stastny, fierce American competitor

It's finally here.

How this isn't a mandatory furlough from work from 11 am CST - 2 pm CST is beyond me. We should be coming together as a country to support Team USA. Sigh...guess most of us will have to settle for reduced productivity instead!

Until then, we have a game to follow in Sweden versus Finland. Should be a great game.

And because I am highly entertained with this Twitter account....I present excellence from the feed of @kesseled.