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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Olympic Quarterfinals Begin Today in Sochi

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In which Russia and Finland go to war, the US and Canada might be favorites for gold, but they don't have a chance at Eurovision, and non-Olympians are once more allowed to play hockey...

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The moment you've all been waiting for this past week! NHL teams can begin practicing again today! Or perhaps you're more excited about the quarterfinals of the men's Olympic hockey tournament. Whatever.

If it is the Olympic hockey you're into, then boy have we got a show for you. Things are about to get serious. And by about to, I mean possibly already have. Russia and Finland is scheduled for 6:30a Central, and might well be the most serious of the quarterfinal draws. Especially if you take note of what Alex Ovechkin had to say about it. "Tomorrow is war," he says, "and we are ready for war." Careful Alex. Last time you guys went to war it didn't go so well for Russia. But, well, a win is a win. I guess?

I personally think they should all just lighten up. Like Russia in international competition two years ago, where they clearly beat Finland, hands down.

The other games include Sweden v Slovenia, which was over an hour before this article was published because apparently nobody in North America cares about Sweden or Slovenia. Which, upon reflection, is probably fair enough. Sweden against who?

Prime time matchups, in Russia anyway, are Czech Republic-USA, and Switzerland Latvia-Canada. And don't tell me I was the only one who had Switzerland penciled in to the quarterfinal against Canada... Woops. Of course, with these two matches the Eurovision rivalries won't be quite so intense, namely because of a geographical quirk that precludes Canada and the US from being in Europe, but still. Don't take these games lightly! The Czechs certainly won't. Wait, nope. I just read the article. "They're rested; they should win [Wednesday]." Those are the words of Czech captain Tomas Plekanec. Talking about the USA. Ah well. It's not about winning or losing, it's how you play the game.

At least Canada's opponents know they've got what it takes to win.

* * *

Previews? I already gave you the previews. In amongst the Eurovision highlights. Pay attention. Oh, and because I know you're all super excited about it now, Eurovision 2014 begins in May.

Mike Heika reminds us that anything can happen at the Olympics. [Sports Day DFW]

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Keep an eye on this guy. In the QMJHL, an acronym that manages to be harder to say than the name it's acronyming for, Dallas Stars prospect Philippe Desrosiers extended his shutout streak to 213 minutes and 15 seconds. [The Montreal Gazette]

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And lastly, just in case you didn't click on my link above, I'm embedding the Russian grannies for you. Really, not to be missed.