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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Elimination Round Begins in Olympic Men's Hockey; Canada and USA Advance to Finals in Women's

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In which Jamaica finishes not last in the bobsled competition, hockey hugs goes international, and lots of teams that are not named Canada or USA could be knocked out of the Olympics today...

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

So the women's gold medal match on Thursday will be the usual suspects, after Canada beat Switzerland 3-1 and the United States beat Sweden 6-1. It would appear that aside from these two teams, parity in the women's tournament is still a long ways away. Just take a look at the shot totals in the USA game. After the first period alone the United States had placed 29 shots on goal. The Swedes? One. The rest of the game wasn't quite so lopsided however, as the final shot total was 70-9 in favor of the Americans. Woohoo! Swedish comeback! Oh, and keep in mind that's actual shots on goal, not just shot attempts. The unfortunate starting goaltender for Sweden, Vallentina Wallner, was pulled at the midpoint in the game, perhaps the first time a goalie has been pulled despite making 42 saves.

The Canada-Switzerland match didn't see quite the same level of disparity, as Canada only registered 48 shots on goal. The Swiss goaltender, after allowing three first-period goals, kept her team at least nominally in the game the rest of the way. What is it with Swiss goaltenders standing on their heads in the Olympics? In the men's tournament Switzerland has thus far allowed only a single goal. May that continue tomorrow against Latvia and then continue against Derek's Eh Team on Wednesday...

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Since I already started talking about it, we'll start with that Latvia-Switzerland matchup, even though that puts us in a reverse temporal loop. Go with it. 11a Central Time, Switzerland v Latvia.

Same time, presumably different place, Slovakia v Czech Republic.

Four and a half hours before that, at 6:30a Central, Valeri Nichushkin v Norway.

And four and a half hours before that, at silly o'clock Central Time, the day's epic matchup: Austria v Slovenia. It's possible I'll update that link to be a recap rather than an outdated preview, but probably not.

Those were your previews by the way. Moving right along to the serious world of Olympic hockey reporting and... look! Hockey hugs! [Puck Daddy]

Just in case you didn't click on that link for hockey hugs, at least click on this one, for hockey bows.

So I hadn't seen this before. And I usually pride myself on knowing exactly what's going on. Ah well, maybe I'll be omniscient tomorrow. An Olympic player tracker, keeping tabs on the performance of every NHL player involved, broken down by NHL team. How convenient. []

Twelve questions to ponder as we enter the knockout stages of the tournament. []

This Olympian obviously could never be a hockey player. Poor guy has allergies, and as his coach says, "It's the point of no return. He's not feeling too good." However, this skier would definitely be tough enough for hockey.

That's her on Sunday after an accident during training. And despite being knocked unconscious, she still hasn't withdrawn from her event on Thursday.

Top moments in Sochi of the last few days, as compiled by some guy I've never heard of. But he keeps track of more than the one sport I do, thus I shall defer to him. [Fourth-Place Medal]

What We Learned, Olympic style. [Puck Daddy]

Barry Melrose thinks the US has been the best team so far in the tournament. But he's still going with Canada for the win. He can't be right about both those things though, surely. [Melrose Minute]

Sean McIndoe teams up with Sarah Larimer, and it might just be the best thing ever produced by Grantland. And I'm not just saying that. I never say things just for effect. [Grantland]

And lastly, some people say you know they can't believe, Jamaica we have a bobsled team.