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2014 Winter Olympics: Tuesday's Ice Hockey TV Schedule

Russia has to play an extra game and the United States' quarterfinal opponent will be revealed.


The women's 2014 Winter Olympic hockey final is set for, surprise, another classic USA vs Canada tilt on Thursday morning. The men get serious tomorrow with their tournament's first eliminations on the way. The four automatic berths to the quarterfinals (USA, Sweden, Finland and Canada) await their dance partners from these matchups tomorrow.

Here's the TV schedule, all times Central...

Team Team Time Channel
Austria v Slovenia 2:00 A.M. CST NBCSN
Norway v Russia 6:30 A.M. CST NBCSN
Switzerland v Latvia 11:00 A.M. CST MSNBC
Slovakia v Czech Republic 11:00 A.M. CST NBCSN

Look at that. The two games Canada and the United States care about are on a reasonable hour here. I love it when everything works out because it was deliberately manipulated to.

Every game here features an ax to grind.

  • The Russians should be about ready to crush someone, and being the lone "big boy" in this round, they're poised to destroy Norway as a statement in getting back on track to capture gold on their home soil. Err, ice.
  • Latvia should put up a good fight as everyone in the community already has Canada/Switzerland penciled in on the brackets.
  • The Czech Republic should be looking to blow off some steam after a pretty abysmal trio of pool-play outings.
  • Also, Austria and Slovenia will face off for the right to be fed to the Swedish power play. OK, maybe no ax to grind in this one.
Admittedly, these won't be big ratings days for hockey. The real fun starts Wednesday morning, and then hopefully the real, real big fun continues on Saturday in some pretty HUGE semi-final rivalry games.