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Olympic Ice Hockey TV Schedule: Friday- Team Canada Takes on Austria

Here's the schedule of events for ice hockey in Sochi- Valentine's Day edition.

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Bruce Bennett

Team USA's thrilling second period over Slovakia will be hard to live up to Friday, as the United States and Russia are taking the day off, but team Canada gets back at it back-to-back when they take on Austria tomorrow (Friday) morning.

Jamie Benn had the game-winner Thursday, and forget not that Lindy Ruff and his mustache are there too, but Canada is definitely looking for a better effort in their second outing against Austria, birth place of... googling... Adolf HItler is the first thing that comes up. So that's unfortunate.

Team Time Channel
Czech Republic v Latvia 2:00 AM CST MSNBC
Sweden v Switzerland 6:30 AM CST NBCSN
Canada v Austria 11:00 AM CST USA
Norway v Finland 11:00 AM CST MSNBC

That's team Canada on USA network. Characters welcome. But not Corey Perry.

Canada is still experimenting to find its way and best line combinations for Babcock's desired systems. From The Globe...

"Once you trust each other and you trust your structure, your skill level comes out," said Babcock. "Then you're in the right spots and playing fast. I think we did a lot of good things tonight, don't get me wrong, but we can be better. We understand that and we're confident that we're going to."

Babcock wants the Canadians playing an up-tempo style, heavy on the forecheck, and designed to put pressure on the smaller, but surprisingly quick Norwegian skaters. It requires a certain shift in the mindset because most of the players on his team log big minutes in the NHL and thus, learn to pace themselves throughout the game. Sidney Crosby, for example, played just 4:49 in the opening period - far less than he would in a Pittsburgh Penguins' uniform. [The Globe]

We wish them absolutely zero luck in their endeavors.

The very romantic events spanning the rest of the games today, and NBC's coverage throughout and in prime time include Men's super combined skiing, women's biathlon, cross-country skiing, Bob Costas' Cylon Eye installation, freestyle skiing and women's skeleton. Those chicks are crazy.