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Dallas Stars Daily Links: USA and Canada Faceoff in the Women's Tournament, and Olympic Men's Hockey Officially Begins

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In which Olympic men's hockey begins play, kind of, Olympic women's hockey continues with Episode I of the two-part series entitled 'USA v Canada,' and Marty Turco's still got it...

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

This is it! The big day! The entire reason for the Winter Olympics' existence begins today!

Well, I mean, it's not the big big day, since none of Canada, the USA, or Russia are playing. But Sweden is! And some other teams. But perhaps more important than today's warmup matches in the men's tournament, is what's happening in the women's draw. The women's match between Canada and the USA began at the exact same moment as this article was published. So if you're reading this 'fresh,' then stop! Save it for later! Go watch the Canada-USA gold medal preview match!

If you're not reading this article until it's already gone a couple of hours stale, then by all means keep reading. Or go look up the result of Canada-USA. Whatever.

Focus David. Focus.

Ice hockey. Today. Men's and women's versions. First day for men's. Previews. Of all three groups. In men's ice hockey. Yes. Read them.

Group A- United States, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia

Group B- Canada, Finland, Norway, Austria

Group C- Czech Republic, Latvia, Sweden, Switzerland

* * *

So I'm putting this one first, or fourth, depending on whether you count the pre-asterisk links or not, because if you only read one article in this entire post, read this one. "Han kommer att göra bort sig. Han har spelat så dåligt. Länge." Ha! [Fourth-Place Medal]

Down Goes Brown, with a look back on Olympic tournaments past. [Grantland]

Marty Turco was on Good Morning America. If I knew the story behind this sequence, I would tell you. [Sports Day DFW]

And speaking of goaltenders, the USA, with a goalie dilemma? Get outta town! Everybody knows Quick's gonna get injured in warmups and the USA is going to have to call in Ben Scrivens to, wait... where's Spruce Grove? []

This article, because everybody loves useless predictions, especially useless Olympic hockey predictions. [] [Puck Daddy]

Catch up on everything not hockey in the Sochi Olympics, right here. I can spoil the surprise though, and say that Shaun White did not medal on the halfpipe. In the halfpipe? I'm unsure the correct preposition to use... [Fourth-Place Medal]

I know had it not been for the distraction of the Great Glass Banger Debate of 2014, ya'll would have been up in arms over my omission of this piece yesterday. Well fear not, Obscene Alex will indeed grace Links this week. [III Communication]

And lastly, because the internet is weird and wonderful and amazing, all at the same time, I have this. Jamie and Jordie Benn with their peanut butter toast, delivered by none other than Toaster. You can thank the talented Ali Lawrence for this masterpiece.