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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Kari Lehtonen Named NHL's Second Star

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In which Kari Lehtonen had a good week, Nick Moroch didn't, and we show you first hand what it's like to ski in the Olympics...

Ronald Martinez

Guess who this week's second star of the NHL is? Hint, there's a giant picture of him right above these words.

Yes, Kari Lehtonen's 2-0-1 week was acknowledged by the League with the second star. As good though as his 1.32 goals against average and .947 save percentage were, he was trumped by Carey Price, who allowed only 3 goals in his three starts, to go along with a .971 save percentage. [Sports Day DFW]

An overtime goal in San Jose away from competing for first star honors. So it goes...

In other Stars news, those of you watching the Phoenix game on Saturday may have remarked on one conspicuous absence. Although it was a primarily audible absence, rather than visual. Yes, turns out the reports of the silencing of Glass Banger Guy, AKA White Blazer Guy, AKA Nick Moroch, were not exaggerated.

Now, I will freely admit that I have been annoyed by the glass banging before. But then, that was because I was listening to the game on the radio and the on-ice mics were a little too sensitive. Anyway, I very quickly realized two things. One, I could visualize the game incredibly well because of the glass banging, as I knew exactly when an opposing player was handling the puck behind their own goal and could picture Nick standing inches away from them doing his thing. And two, why shouldn't he do that very thing? When I snuck down to the glass during the Stars-Islanders game I was beating on the glass with the best of them. Seriously, check out highlights of Sergei Gonchar's first goal, I'm about ten seats to the right of Blazer Guy, loving it.

But it would appear the days of the Stars having one of the most polarizing fans in the NHL are gone. I didn't even realize I would miss him until he was no longer there...


* * *

A very Conference III run down of the final week of play before the Olympics. Catch up on all your Central Division gossip right here. [III Communication]

The Stars and Lindy Ruff's plan for the break. Also some pretty cool numbers, breaking down the last nine games for Dallas. The last nine games were good. The numbers are good. [Stars Inside Edge]

Bob Sturm with a does of reality regarding the Stars and the close race for the playoffs. Read this now, or save it for a couple of weeks and just embrace the fact that the Stars are where they are right now. [Sturm Words]

There were a number of notable injuries to Olympic bound players, with some, like Max Paciorrety still able to make the trip, and others, like Henrik Sedin, having to withdraw. But one of the most notable is also the strangest. David Poile was forced to withdraw at the last minute. General Manager David Poile. Hockey's a dangerous game... [Puck Daddy]

This has to be the most un-Sean McIndoe article Sean McIndoe has ever written. Why so serious Sean? Still, it's Down Goes Brown, and it's a team by team review of the state of affairs. [Grantland]

More talk about this potentially being the last Olympics with NHL participation. And, because it's the 'What We Learned' feature, that's followed by another team by team review of the state of affairs. [Puck Daddy]

And that's a wrap! On NHL news anyway. From here on out, the focus is on the Olympics. It's not quite time yet for the men's hockey competition, but there's plenty else. For starters, ever wondered what it feels like to ski a downhill course at the Olympics? Graham Bell narrates the experience for you. Yeah, not only does he ski it, but he does so with a handheld camera, chatting all the way down. Madness.