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Video: Tyler Seguin Chirps at Ref During Dallas Stars Power Play

Another Tyler Seguin gem.

[Editor's Note: Unfortunately the original video was removed. I've embedded the highlight of the goal, and you can hear some of what was said between Seguin and the official here as well.]

One of the great things about hockey, at any level, is just how accessible the game is when watching live. The fans (well, the ones with deep pockets) are right on top of the action and usually you can hear the chirping and yelling that takes place between teammates and opponents out on the ice.

One thing we don't get to hear much, however, is the interaction between the players and the officials on the ice.

The referees and linesman, as much as we may despise them at times, have a very difficult job in a very fast-paced sport -- keep their eye on all players at all times, while also trying to stay out of the way of the play.

On Sunday in Edmonton, Seguin had a bit of an issue with the placement of the ref while the Stars were on the power play. Thanks to CTV in Edmonton, we have this wonderful transcript of what happened just before a key play in the Stars comeback victory. It's not much -- but the way Seguin was able to chirp back and forth with the ref in the middle of the play like this is really interesting.

Also, if you want to see a first-hand view of how hard this job can be for refs, check out this video of an AHL official wearing a GoPro: