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Video: Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn & Dallas Stars Sing Christmas Carols

Skip to the 8:00 minute mark of Stars Insider, above, and prepare yourself for some amazing vocalizing. Truly, truly amazing.

This might not have the same effect as "I am Val Nichushkin" but this video of Jason Spezza, Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin comes pretty darn close. It's a good thing these guys already have their own lucrative day jobs, because going into a career as Chistmas carolers may not be in their near future, I fear.

The whole video is pretty great, however, especially Jason Demers trying to break into a "Holiday Sweater" song, made famous by his old team.

Antoine Roussel has some good advice for when the snow starts falling but...oh boy...Shawn Horcoff brings the house down. What a deep baritone, with amazing range and dexterity in a clear and incredible voice....right?

Even better is the blooper reel, which just goes to show that even in a season of as many ups and downs as this one -- this is a team that really knows how to have some fun.