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Defending Big D Postgame Vlog Episode 1: Dallas Stars Win 3-1

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It's really fun to watch the Dallas Stars when they play an awesome third period.

My face when John Klingberg scores an awesome goal.
My face when John Klingberg scores an awesome goal.
Graham Jenkins

[Ed. Note: This was scheduled to run Friday afternoon and then, well, everything happened. Our plan is to have these videos up the day after games whenever possible.]

Ladies and gentlemen, we are trying something new here at Defending Big D.

We are launching a new series, with inspiration from Steve Dangle, called the Defending Big D Vlog. The name may change in the future, but we're keeping it simple to start.

Thankfully the Dallas Stars defeated the Arizona Coyotes 3-1, so I didn't have a meltdown while filming this video this morning. That would not be a great start.

Feedback is highly encouraged. I am always open to suggestions, especially regarding the content delivery. But if you have any ideas you think I can execute, write them in the comments!

Anyway, enjoy your weekend. Let's go Stars!