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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Aim to End Losing Streak Tonight Against the Devils

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In which the Stars make the lengthy road trip from New York to New Jersey, Brenden Dillon begins a career in broadcasting, and the Islanders ice girls' uniforms are still amusing...

Bruce Bennett

The Stars are on a losing streak. It's true. For the first time this season Dallas will enter a game on a three game losing streak. Which sucks. But is also pretty incredible. Incredible because, if I'm not mistaken, only the Blues and Stars began 2014 having not lost more than two in a row this season.

Fine St Louis. The title belongs to you.

The Stars meanwhile enter tonight looking to restart that streak of non-losing streaks. And the Devils, also having lost three games on the trot, might be just what's needed. I mean, for a team that has given up 18 goals in the past 3 games, here's looking at you Dallas, the Devils unimpressive offensive output of 13 goals in the past six games could be a welcome relief. Of course, that might just mean another case of resistable force meets movable object...

On another note, it's always fun when the national media picks up stories on the Stars. Kudos here though to Brenden Dillon becoming the national media while in New York. Best way to get nice things said about your team. Say them yourself.

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More on the Stars losing streak, and what they need to do to turn it around. [On the Radar]

I neglected this one yesterday, but here's a full transcription of Mike Heika's weekly Tuesday chat on all things Stars. [Sports Day DFW]

And feel free to pass this along to anyone looking for a place on the Stars bandwagon. Razor's guide to the football-hockey crossover, for any football fans who are finding the Stars now that Texas football is dead. [Razor with an Edge]

Controversy in the Russian camp over the selection of Valeri Nichushkin! [RiaNovosti]

This one's totally worth it just for the screen cap of Dan Rosen in the video. You should also check it out though because the primary writeup is on Tyler Seguin and the Dallas Stars. Keep scrolling down too for Jim Nill talking Jamie Benn. [Over the Boards]

Short article on the zone start usage of players by the Blackhawks. Discuss. [Kukla's Korner]

The always useless, but often entertaining Puck Daddy Power Rankings. Best part though is the list of 'not ranked' at the end. [Puck Daddy]

It's like getting picked last on the playground. A kid might say it doesn't matter, but oh boy does it. Jack Johnson still not loving that he was snubbed in the Team USA selection. [The Columbus Dispatch]

The staff over at Puck Daddy have compiled their lists of who would win the hardware were the season to end today. Worth a browse, but I'm gonna quote in full this line from Harrison Mooney: "There was a time when it looked like Tomas Hertl was going to run away with this award, but now that he appears to be on the shelf for the remainder of the season, the race has opened up considerably. Right now, Nichushkin is my pick. He looks the least like a rookie out there, and his place alongside Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin has given the Stars one of the best lines in hockey." Love it. [Puck Daddy]