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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Stars Strong Start Goes Downhill Fast Against the Islanders

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In which the Stars play one good period of hockey, I watch the other two, and those everlasting halcyon days of that last week in 2013 seem so very long ago...

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A familiar scene from last night's game...
A familiar scene from last night's game...
Bruce Bennett

So I tuned in late to the game last night, but I was fine with that. I came in at a good time. The Stars were up 2-0, Trevor Daley and Sergei Gonchar were both back in the lineup, and everything was summed up by this:

Unfortunately, and maybe some of you also experienced this, but rather early in my viewing of the broadcast the feed for the Stars game was lost:

I did try again later, but couldn't ever find the original game. The team that, by the second-hand accounts I heard, played so well in the first was nowhere to be found as the game progressed. Replacement level players however were in place:

The defensive stand-ins though couldn't control the Islanders, who began to dominate the contest. Especially a little-known Canadian player named John Tavares...

Whatever. Jamie Benn's still better.

Anyway, I had every intention of writing up a brief analysis of the game I almost watched 'til the end, but before I started it last night I found it had already been done. And more succinctly than mine would have been too:


But at the end of the day it's just a game, right? And in times like these, let's try not to forget that a little perspective goes a long way:

* * *

I have no recaps for you today. The game last night never happened. Nobody is writing about the Stars-Islanders, except these guys. [Sports Day DFW] [] [USA Today]

This is our last chance to have the discussion of 'Will Jamie Benn be on Team Canada?' After today we'll know! [Puck Daddy]

Everything's better [redacted]. Weekly Conference III report from Obscene Alex. [III Communication]

For any masochists out there, the Tomas Tatar goal from the Stars-Red Wings game made BuzzFeed.

You know how the Minnesota Wild have been struggling recently? Well now leading scorer Mikko Koivu is out for a month. I feel bad that I feel good about this. [Hockey Wilderness]

Down Goes Brown talks a little bit more about the Wild, and some other teams that also happen to play hockey. [Grantland]

The Czech Republic announced their team for the Sochi Olympics yesterday. No surprises therein, unless you count the inclusion of a 42-year old ex-NHLer in favor of Jiri Hudler as a surprise. Or the exclusion of Radim Vrbata. Or Tomas Fleischmann. Or, I don't know, you tell me what they were thinking! [ProHockeyTalk]

I have an unhealthy dislike of basketball. Primarily because it distracts from the hockey season, but also because I hate it. I still hate it, but that 'distracting from the hockey season' thing might be slowly changing. Hey ESPN! Pay attention! [CSN Chicago]

And lastly, if the Stars ever win a game again, this should happen. [Puck Daddy]