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Defending Big D Gifs Of The Week

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A collection of gifs.

Kris Connor

Do you like to laugh? Do you enjoy hockey? Do you like reasonable doses of both simultaneously in small bite-sized pieces you can easily consume before moving on with your day? So do we. That's why I introduce to you Defending Big D's hockey gifs of the week.

These gifs are compiled from across the internet. Twitter and Reddit's r/hockey are huge helpers when it comes to this. Dallas Stars focused gifs will definitely be featured when they become available, or when we make them. If you have a gif you would like to see show up in here drop us a note at

Inevitably most of these will turn up in r/hockey's gif of the week thread. It's the nature of the internet for everything to end up and/or begin on Reddit. If you would like to participate in their voting and nomination process follow this link.

On to the gifs. The first gif is Alexander Ovechkin being better at hockey than 99.999% of the human population.The hand-eye coordination necessary to make this happen is something I can't even fathom. Degree of difficulty points added for Ovechkin resisting the urge to play the puck with a high stick when it was at it's apex.


Courtesy of Pat Iverson, the Razor Smoke Monster lives again. I could watch this for hours.The thing about this gif is that I can watch it over and over, but the only thing I ever think is that I want to know what was going through Razor's mind. He knows this happens at every game, but obviously there was no reason to expect it to happen when he is standing in the path of the smoke. The fact that he didn't let out a string of expletives is pretty impressive.


This gif is for you fans of slapstick comedy. Via Reddit, this is a gif of an on ice official from the Ducks and Kings Stadium Series game. He is trying his hardest to kill a moth.


Reddit brings us a second gif. This is Travis Zajac laughing like a maniac as he has both of his legs wrapped around Ryan McDonagh in the Rangers Devils Stadium Series game.


Nathan Gerbe scored one of the more ridiculous goals you will ever see scored against the Flyers. He took the puck and his stick against the grain between his legs to freeze Steve Mason.


Our final hockey gif this week comes to us from the college ranks via Twitter. This is among the most blatant dives you will ever see. Divers generally receive scorn, but the quality of this dive deserves admiration. He really sells it. I'm not convinced he was ever even touched, but he certainly makes a good case suggesting he was.


And just because it's funny here is Taylor Swift from the Grammys. She and her people thought her album Red won Album of the Year, but really she lost to Daft Punk's Random Access Memories.


So that will do it for the inaugural edition of The Week in Gifs. If you have any you would like to see included over the next week again don't hesitate to email them to .