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For Lindy, A Statistical Recap of Colorado at Dallas

Dallas Stars lose 4-3 despite dominating the Colorado Avalanche.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars continued their run of strong play tonight, but came up short against the Avalanche. Several players referenced the Avalanche luck. Lindy Ruff referenced the strong play of Avs goalie Semyon Varlamov. Both apply equally. The Stars began dominating this game as the first period slid into the second and never really looked back.


The Avs hung on for dear life in the second half of the game. You can noticeably see that the Avs flat-lined somewhere early in the third. They attempted just a handful of shots after the early minutes of the period. As they usually do, the scoring chances showed this relationship beyond a shadow of a doubt

In these posts you will also find the scoring chance tally from each game. These are tallied by hand, spit through an Excel spreadsheet, and sorted to show who was on the ice for each scoring chance for and against. The scoring chances for the game are tallied according the the standards used here in the past. The area where chances are recorded is the area directly in front of the net extending to the top of the face off circles. The justification for why chances are tracked can be found here if you are so inclined. Essentially any shot directed towards the net from this area is a scoring chance.


The Scoring Area

The definitions for the cumulative table can be found in the blockquoted text below:

CF, CA, and CF% are Corsi For, Corsi Against, and Corsi For Percentage. The next statistics follow the same pattern. F is Fenwick, S is shots, and ESSC is even strength scoring chances.

The Stars created 24 total chances in all man advantages. 73% of all chances generated in the game were off of the sticks of Stars players. There is no meaningful stat you can pull from this game to reasonably suggest that the Avalanche deserved to win this game.

Colorado Avalanche
49.4 37 53 41.1% 25 38 39.7% 19 33 36.5% 9 24 27
Dallas Stars 49.4 53 37 58.9% 38 25 60.3% 33 19 63.5% 24 9 73

Individual props should go to Jamie Benn, Brenden Dillon, and Jordie Benn. Jamie was the Stars most successful forward in terms of scoring chances with a +6 with him on the ice. It's worth noting that five of those chances were off of his stick. He was incredible tonight.

Dillon and Jordie were the Stars most successful defensemen. Dillon was on the ice for eight chances for at even strength and none against. Jordie was up nine and down one.

D BRENDEN DILLON 21 8 72.4 8 0 100
D TREVOR DALEY 20 15 57.1 4 4 50
C SHAWN HORCOFF (A) 5 9 35.7 1 2 33
R ALEX CHIASSON 7 8 46.7 2 2 50
L RAY WHITNEY (A) 10 9 52.6 3 2 60
L JAMIE BENN (C) 17 13 56.7 7 1 87.5
C RYAN GARBUTT 16 8 66.7 5 2 71.4
C RICH PEVERLEY 9 9 50 3 2 60
C CODY EAKIN 18 6 75 6 2 75
L ANTOINE ROUSSEL 17 6 73.9 5 3 62.5
D JORDIE BENN 20 11 64.5 9 1 90
D AARON ROME 8 13 38.1 3 3 50
D ALEX GOLIGOSKI 22 10 68.8 6 2 75
L VERNON FIDDLER 12 9 57.1 5 1 83.3
R VALERI NICHUSHKIN 15 11 57.7 5 1 83.3
D SERGEI GONCHAR 12 17 41.4 6 4 55.6
L ERIK COLE 13 8 61.9 4 1 80
C TYLER SEGUIN 19 15 58 4 1 80

I don't know about you, but I vote that if the Stars are going to lose any more games that they come via this fashion. The Stars once again showed what they are capable of doing when they play their game. As much as it stings it was sure fun to watch.

These numbers come from the official NHL gamesheets,, scoring chances I tracked, and with the help of spreadsheets created by Robert from Jewels From The Crown.