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Tom Gaglardi Says He and Mark Recchi Called Tyler Seguin Trade Months in Advance

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Even the Stars' owner dreams big on the trade front sometimes, he told NBC Sunday night.

Ronald Martinez

What's not to like about Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi? He rescued the franchise from bankruptcy, spent some money on payroll, hooked Jim Nill and brought victory green to the AAC. And he's just barely getting started.

If that hasn't convinced you then the story he told Dallas' NBC affiliate in a chat that aired Sunday night should help.

"Well it's funny," Gaglardi told NBC of acquiring Tyler Seguin in July. "Mark Recchi is one of our advisers and he and I were sitting around late at night over a couple of 'chilled pops', talking about things and we actually predicted this trade eight months ago. It was the beginning of last season. We actually sat and saw it."

That's right. Your owner sits around and drinks with Mark Recchi (pops, mind you ;)) and scours the league for good would-be trade partners. Those 42 financial entities never did that.

They reasoned, according to Gaglardi, that "You know, if Boston decides that they've got an extra centerman, and does Tyler fit there? Or do they stay with the guys they've got - and we looked at it and we thought boy, oh boy, we're a good trade partner for them."

"That's a true story and Jim got into place here and he got a call from Peter Chiarelli of Boston and it came together and we feel very fortunate."

(Gaglardi let his general manager, a hockey guy, take the call...Cue Jerry Jones related humor.)

While Gaglardi may engage in the occasional trade speculation he made it clear that his focus is on the bigger picture.

"For me it's about the long term," when asked about 2014 in particular. "My goal for the franchise is to be a perennial playoff team, and the best run teams are the teams that expect to accomplish and reach the playoffs year after year after year."

Even at the expense of the current campaign.

"We're going to make the decisions that are going to put us in position to be a perennial playoff team, and whether that affects our chances this season or not isn't as important to me as making the right decisions for two, three, six, eight, ten years down the road. So we're very focused on that."

Whether the Stars are able to continue this little run and mitigate the damage of that disastrous ten-game stretch or not, it's great for fans of the franchise to see their owner on local television - relatable, and patient.

He wants to do things the right way, setting up a machine that perpetuates itself with its processes, people and philosophies, even if that means some additional pain in the short term.

He can always soothe that pain and plan for the future at the same time with a couple of 'child pops', after all.