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Dallas Stars Daily Links: More Trade Rumors, Reaction to Dominance Over Penguins

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This is all so much more fun after wins, right?

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Ronald Martinez

Did the Pittsburgh Penguins think it was going to be a little easier last night? Did they leave their stomachs for an actual fight in their other girdles?

Noted plug Tanner Glass, after a third period full of distasteful hits borne out of apparent frustration, had this to say after the game.

"I think it's work ethic right now," Penguins left winger Tanner Glass said. "I think it's shortcuts, and thinking that it's going to come easy. It's a good league with good teams, and you can't take shortcuts. [Pittsburgh Post Gazette]

Thinking it's going to come easy. Thousands of interlopers at the arena last night certainly felt that way as well.


Then there's this from, who else, Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun:

Dallas general manager Jim Nill will have to decide what direction he wants to take at the deadline. Several teams have called to express interest in centre Ray Whitney - including Phoenix, Los Angeles and Vancouver - while centre Vernon Fiddler is another guy who could be on move. [Ottawa Sun]

"Centre Ray Whitney"

You wonder what Phoenix, who is predisposed to love the guy, might give up. There might be value there.


-The Boston Glove muses on a great many things in this piece here, but read the part about speculation that trade prices will be extremely high because of cap situations across the league. [Boston Globe]

-Dan Bylsma heaps praise on Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

-Sidney Crosby didn't have much to say. But he did say "There's more to the game than just getting outworked." and then also that "We got outworked." They didn't have many answers for Dallas last night on or off the ice. [ProHockey Talk]

-Cody Eakin's line neutralized Crosby's last night. That was really one of the predominant themes of the game. Eakin described their performance as... "crispy". [CBS Sports]

-The festivities in Los Angeles went pretty well last night. Players remarked that the ice outside in the 65 degree temps was just as good as many NHL arenas, and the Kings still couldn't score, so conditions were at least average. Did you see the god-awful intermission performance by, whatever, "five for fighting?" Does the NHL know what fans want or what? [The Globe]

-The Duck fans tried to use Bieber against the Kings, a la Dallas and Toronto. Nice try, Anaheim. The Stars did it better. [Puck Daddy]

-Kari Lehtonen was the man in the third period last night. [Dallas Morning News]

-It is just dumb how good Alex Ovechkin is at scoring goals: