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Dallas Stars Daily Links: Maple Leafs Get Lambasted by the Stars

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In which two games a win streak makes, the Dallas Stars go trolololing, and Maple Leafs fans and Beliebers unite...

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I think you could safely say that the floodgates were opened last night. If the Stars were clinical on Tuesday against the Wild, they were exuberant last night against the Leafs.

It's not often a team scores seven times as many goals as their opponent in an NHL match. Nor that a team has six different goal scorers. Add in a powerplay goal, a shortie, the defense chipping in, and it's smiles all around. Have the Stars been that much better these past two games? Or their opponents that much worse? Outscoring the opposition 11-1 in two games suggests something going right. A cleaner game? A more confident game? A luckier game? Some combination of the three?

Whatever. The Stars have powerplay goals in six straight, everybody on the team can score except Tyler Seguin, and the defense has only allowed one goal over the last two games.

My only disappointment? For the second straight game I was unable to watch any of it.

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So, similar to what Winging it in Motown and Pension Plan Puppets did before the Winter Classic, the Penguins' SB Nation site is raising money for the Childrens' Hospital. Part of the pledging will be during the Stars game on Saturday, so feel free to join in! [Pensburgh]

Alex Ovechkin was on the Today Show? Call that a win for hockey. []

Bob McKenzie has his mid-season draft rankings up! If you've already written the Stars off as cellar dwellers this season, go ahead and start salivating over these top picks. If you haven't, well, one of the top 30 will be ours regardless. [TSN]

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The LA 'Winter Classic' is fast approaching.What I wouldn't give to be playing beach volleyball at an NHL game... [USA Today]

And lastly, we're all about the parody songs these days. It was the ode to Raptor Jesus last week, from Stanley Cup of Chowder, and now we have 'Kiss from a Lowe.' [Puck Daddy]